Centrolux GmBH

Brand design and visual identity redesign

Invisibility as a beauty

Centrolux GmbH is Graz, Austria based company distributing and installing minimalist frameless glass widnows made by highest quality swiss manifacturist. Leaving customers with nothing but uthopia of outside meeting inside in them living space. However in order to achieve such a minimalist simplicity on the outside there is watch a like precise complex system manifactured on inside. 

We confronted the challenge of how to visualize invisible. How to visually communicate something that has a proposed value of eliminating what before was thought it is necessary. Narrowing it down to the purity of minimal where nothing stands in between the viewer and the view.

Quality sophistication and exclusvity trough simple and clean visual language

Centrolux brand values ​​defined them as a reliable customers partner striving and delivering high quality through simplicity, sophistication and high attention to details. Relationships are built by building trust.

Trust is built by fulfilling highest user experience requirements and high complexity personalized tasks.
Everything in goal of leaving the customer with speechless view to outside from his living room.

Evolutionary rather than Revolutionary

Centrolux logotype went to slight makeover. Still staying truth to its old version but becoming even more elegant being ready for next chapters and new challenges.

Thinner base for lettering allowed characters more negative space, more space to breathe, and more relation to its sophisticated brand identity.

Following the brand purpose eliminating gradient and keeping it clear and fully minimal was logical decision.

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    Brand Design and visual identity redesign
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